Drama Rocket Academy

Drama Rocket Academy

Ages 10-12 (Intermediate/Middle)

Our after-school Theatre Arts Enrichment Program meets one day per week on your child's school campus from August-May and our curriculum is divided into two Missions. Your child can enroll in the Drama Rocket Academy Program at any time throughout the school year! We offer weekly drama classes on school campuses geared towards developing social skills, self-confidence and presentation skills in young adults. Our Drama Rocket Pilots (Teachers) take their Rocketeers on amazing journeys of self-discovery and help them explore ways to ignite their creativity and share their unique talents and skills with their peers and adults! Academy Rocketeers will learn how to activate their Actors’ Toolboxes (voice, body, imagination, concentration and cooperation) and explore their acting abilities in a variety of ways including:

  • Improvisation
  • Creative Movement
  • Speech Development and Presentation Skills
  • Plot Analysis and Story Development
  • Scriptwriting
  • Character Development
  • Short Scenes and Class Plays
  • Auditioning Techniques

First Mission (Fall) - Develop the Rocketeer

In the Fall, Drama Rocket Academy curriculum focuses on the introduction of the Theatrical Arts and developing acting techniques in our Rocketeers. Our Drama Rocket Pilots get to know each student, and meet them where they are in their own development process. Throughout the mission, Academy Rocketeers will learn how to harness their Actors’ Toolboxes and build upon their creative thinking and presentation skills. The First Mission concludes with an in-class parent presentation written and performed by our brave Rocketeers!

Second Mission (Spring) - Deliver a Drama Rocket Academy Performance

During the Second Mission, Drama Rocket Pilots continue to help their students build self-confidence and acting skills. All Academy Rocketeers will be cast in an end of year performance that will showcase specific areas of development and highlight their unique talents and creativity. Throughout this mission, Drama Rocket Pilots will expect their students to analyze plot and characters, study and memorize lines, learn blocking and choreography and participate in class rehearsals. Ultimately, Academy Rocketeers will learn how to think like artists, collaborate on ideas and discover how their unique abilities and gifts can contribute to the overall success of their meteoric performance in May!

Would you like to launch Drama Rocket Academy at your child’s school?

Email us at info@dramarocket.com or call Katie Lindsay at 713-294-6012.