Drama Rocket After-School Theatre Arts Enrichment Program Overview

Drama Rocket Theatre Arts Enrichment for Ages 3-14
The Drama Rocket Crew serves on-site acting classes, workshops and summer camps to students in preschool, elementary and intermediate/middle schools located throughout the Greater North Houston area including The Woodlands, Magnolia, Spring and beyond. We use drama as a tool to develop future creators who will stand out as leaders among their peers and provide innovative solutions to problems that are facing our fast-changing world. For more information about our programs, please click HERE.

Drama Rocket Follows Your School Calendar
Drama Rocket Theatre Arts Enrichment Program meets after-school once a week on your school campus. Length of sessions may vary depending on your school's needs and/or requirements. A typical Drama Rocket session is 12-16 weeks in length (or a semester). We follow your school calendar and do not meet for class on Holidays, Teacher Workdays or Early Release Days.

Minimal Space Requirements
Drama Rocket Theatre Arts Enrichment Program is process based theatre, not performance based theatre. This means that our crew doesn't need to use your stage to host an acting class. Theatre can be created in any setting! All we request is use of a classroom, flex space or multipurpose area inside your school where we can launch our creativity and imaginations each week!

Drama Rocket Tuition Costs
The cost to participate in Drama Rocket varies based on the length of the session and the facility rental fees involved with hosting Drama Rocket acting classes on your school campus. Drama Rocket was created by parents who see great value in an affordable theatre enrichment program that is offered on school campus and that focuses on developing the necessary foundational social skills required for children to "make it" in this fast-changing world. Therefore, there are no additional costume or ticket fees involved. The Drama Rocket Crew also feels that any student who desires to participate in this program should have the opportunity. That is why, when available, Drama Rocket offers full and partial scholarships, to students who identify to be in good standing and would benefit from a theatre arts enrichment program, such as Drama Rocket. 

Drama Rocket Handles the Paperwork
We know your staff is already handling a major mission by keeping your campus running as smoothly and efficiently as possible every day. That is why the Drama Rocket Crew is happy to handle all of the administrative tasks involved with launching our after-school theatre enrichment program on your campus. Parents can register their children for Drama Rocket acting classes and pay tuition directly through our website using our convenient Parent Portal. The Drama Rocket Crew will provide your staff with class rosters and will communicate with parents on a regular basis to share Drama Rocket news.

The Drama Rocket Crew
Drama Rocket Pilots (Teachers) are fully trained professionals who have experience teaching theatre to children. All Drama Rocket Pilots go through extensive background checks before time of hire, and receive ongoing training and support from our Drama Rocket Mission Control Center.

Drama Rocketeer Recognition
Drama Rocket's primary mission is to support the developmental and the social and emotional needs of our young learners. We recognize that each child is on his/her own unique journey, and the Drama Rocket Crew has specific developmental goals in mind for every 'Drama Rocketeer.' At the end of every session, each child is awarded a special pin to recognize growth in a particular area such as leadership, courage, creative thinking, service, listening, empathy, kindness, patience, etc. Embodying these deeper learning skills and growth mindset is critical for the overall emotional intelligence and future success of our children.

Are you ready to launch Drama Rocket?
For more information about Drama Rocket and how to launch at your school, email Katie Lindsay at katie.lindsay@dramarocket.com or call 713-294-6012.