Let Drama Rocket be Your After-School Theatre Enrichment Partner!

Many children are fortunate enough to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities throughout the community during the school year. However, there are still many others who are unable to participate in activities after school or in the evenings due to parents’ work schedules, time or financial constraints, transportation issues, etc. At Drama Rocket, we want to be accessible to ALL students who have an interest in participating in the theatre arts.

We Follow Your School Calendar

Drama Rocket’s Theatre Arts Enrichment Program is meets after-school once a week on your school campus from August-May. We follow your school calendar and do not meet for class on Holidays, Teacher Workdays or Early Release Days.  Drama Rocket curriculum is divided into two Missions and your students can enroll at any time throughout the school year.

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Drama Rocketeer Recognition

Drama Rocket’s primary mission is child development and we use theatre arts as a tool to develop future creators who will stand out as leaders among their peers and provide innovative solutions to problems facing our fast-changing world.  We recognize that each Drama Rocketeer is on his/her own unique journey, and our Pilots have specific developmental goals in mind for every child. At the end of every Mission, each Drama Rocketeer is awarded with a unique badge to recognize growth in a particular area including: Leadership, Courage, Creative Thinking, Service, Listening, Empathy, Kindness and Patience. Embodying these “deeper learning” skills is critical for the overall emotional intelligence and future success of our children.

Minimal Space Requirements

Drama Rocket Programs are child development based, not performance based. That means that we don’t need to use your stage or gym for our class, or bring or borrow any fancy equipment. Theatre can be created in any setting! All we request is a classroom or multipurpose area inside your school where we can dock each week and use as our Drama Rocket Launch Pad (classroom).

Drama Rocket Crew Members

Drama Rocket Pilots (Teachers) are fully trained professionals who love working with children and have previous and/or current teaching experience in theatre arts and education. All Drama Rocket Pilots go through extensive background checks before time of hire, and will register in advance with your ISD, if necessary, before the first day of Drama Rocket class.

Meet our Flight Director and Crew

Let Drama Rocket Handle the Paperwork

We know your front office staff are handling a major mission already, so let Drama Rocket handle all the administrative details! Our Mission Control Center will handle all parent inquiries and manage enrollments directly through the Drama Rocket website. Parents can register their children and pay tuition online with our easy to use Parent Portal. Drama Rocket will also provide your staff with an up to date class roster and will communicate on a regular basis regarding any Drama Rocket class news.

Are You Ready?

Drama Rocket’s Mission is to use theatre arts as a tool to develop future creators who will stand out as leaders among their peers and provide innovative solutions to problems facing our fast-changing world, ultimately benefitting us all.

Are you ready to take the next step and climb aboard to partner with us?

Should you choose to accept this mission, Drama Rocket Crew Members are standing by ready to launch at your school!

For more information about Drama Rocket and how to launch our program at your school, contact Katie Lindsay, Flight Director, at katie.lindsay@dramarocket.com or call 713-294-6012.