Drama Rocket

Drama Rocket

Ages 6-10 (Elementary)

Our after-school Theatre Arts Enrichment Program meets one day per week on your child's school campus from August-May and our curriculum is divided into two Missions. Your child can enroll in Drama Rocket at any time throughout the school year! Each week, Drama Rocketeers gather at their Launch Pad (classroom) where they embark on a creative interplanetary journey that supercharges their self-confidence and boosts their social skills!  Drama Rocket Pilots (Teachers) focus on teaching young learners how to activate their Rocketeer Toolboxes (voice, body, imagination, concentration and cooperation). Drama Rocket lessons enable students to explore their acting skills in a variety of ways including:

  • Improvisation
  • Creative Movement
  • Speech Development
  • Plot Analysis
  • Character Development
  • Short Scenes
  • Class Plays
  • Theatre Games

First Mission (Fall) - Develop the Rocketeer

In the Fall, Drama Rocketeers receive an introduction to the Theatrical Arts and learn basic acting skills and techniques. Our Drama Rocket Pilots get to know each Rocketeer individually, and meet them where they are in their own unique development process. Our Pilots will help each student discover his/her Rocketeer Toolbox, and the semester will conclude when they bravely launch their talents and skills in an in-class parent presentation!

Second Mission (Spring) - Deliver a Drama Rocket Performance

A performance is an important milestone for children to display their unique talents and abilities, but scary auditions and demanding rehearsal schedules aren’t necessary to make a show great! It takes confident, focused, passionate kids, who know how to work together as a team to create something spectacular. Drama Rocket Pilots teach their Rocketeers how to think like artists, collaborate on ideas and help them discover how their abilities and gifts can contribute to the overall success of their final performance in May!

Would you like to launch Drama Rocket at your child’s elementary school?

Email us at info@dramarocket.com or call Katie Lindsay at 713-294-6012.