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Drama Rocket Mission

Drama Rocket is an after school Theatre Arts Enrichment Program that launches brave dreamers into the world by igniting creativity, supercharging self-confidence and boosting social skills.

Our mission is to use drama as a tool to develop future creators who will stand out as leaders among their peers and provide innovative solutions to problems facing our fast-changing world.

Drama Rocket theatre arts classes are served to children ages 4-12 years old. Throughout the school year, our Crew travels to preschools, elementary schools and intermediate schools in the Greater Houston area including The Woodlands, Spring and Magnolia to bring theatre arts education directly to students.

Why Theatre Arts Education?

Arts integration in schools plays a vital role in the creative development of children enhancing all aspects of their lives, no matter what path they choose. Drama Rocket is designed to supplement existing arts education by providing students with an opportunity to participate in Theatre Arts Enrichment. We believe an introduction to theatre arts at an early age helps children boost self-confidence, propel social skills,  drive creative thinking skills, broaden minds and in some cases,  open up career paths in the arts that may not have been considered before.

“Arts education aids students in skills needed in the workplace: flexibility, the ability to solve problems
and communicate, the ability to learn new skills, to be creative and innovative, and to strive for excellence.

– Joseph M. Calahan, Director of Cooperate Communications, Xerox Corporation

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