Drama Rocket Boosts Deeper Learning

Drama Rocket theatre arts curriculum is designed to meet the developmental needs of the varying stages of childhood, from preschool through adolescence.  Participation in the arts prepares students for success at school, at work and in life.  Countless studies indicate that Arts Education improves literacy and ELA scores, engages and motivates students, advances math achievement, develops critical thinking skills and improves overall school culture. (Reference: AEP - Preparing Students for the Next America)

“The arts — including dance, music, theatre, media arts and visual arts — bolster the development of deeper learning skills. Students that possess these skills:

1. Master core academic content

2. Think critically and solve complex problems

3. Work collaboratively

4. Communicate effectively

5. Learn HOW to learn

6. Develop academic mindsets”

(Reference: ECS - Beyond the Core: Advancing student success through the arts)

At Drama Rocket, our goal is to be an extension of your students’ deeper learning experience. Our mission is to use drama as a tool to contribute to the overall successful development of each child. Theatre Arts Enrichment gives students the opportunity to use performance and physical composition to communicate their ideas with others.